Five Tips from a One Time Group Travel Virgin

On ‘that’ trip. Scotland 2011
In I my pre-mum, pre-writing about travel with babies life I was often to be found curled up with a good book. On occasion I got myself out of the house and had an adventure or two. If you read until the end of my rather long tale of group travel virgin blog you will know that I married my tour guide. That fact basically makes me an expert in small group travel. Between the Kimberly trip which was my first time and the trip with Walkabout Scotland where I met my husband I also went by myself on small group tours to:
USA – epic road trip from California to New York -2008

Ayre Peninsula- South Australia -2009
Borneo  – 2010


On Safari in Tanzania -2011
A sail boat adventure in Turkey – 2011
A snowy road trip from Vancouver to Banff- 2011
A road trip/pub crawl in Ireland -2011
Here are some things I have learnt along the way:
Tip 1: 
When selecting the type of group travel to go for always choose something you love: ie if you go on a trip that involves camping, or trekking – because you love those things, you will meet like minded fellow travellers.
 Tip 2:
If your already out of your comfort zone – go even further and break the ice with everyone in your group, because…
Tip 3:
When you travel with an organised small group tour you are never on your own for very long. You may not know it yet – but you are about to become part of a new tribe!
Tip 4:
When reading a tour itinerary it is a good idea to keep in mind what is an ‘included’ item in the itinerary and what is an extra – that way you know what you are paying for before you go and can budget for any extras you might want to do.
Tip 5:
Beware – group travel is a gateway drug. Before you know it you will be jumping off the tour bus and into a solo travel adventure.
Flying solo in Israel -2011

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