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Big Winds

The day of the big winds

we got a call

to collect our eldest son.

‘Quiet’ they said.

He came home and was quiet

in bursts,

then energetic

then complaining of a sore tummy.

I was happy to have my brood

all under our roof

with the winds raging outside.

The day after the big winds

my eldest woke saying he felt fine.

We said no to school.

He was taken,

along with my youngest

to fly kites

in the residual winds.

Later they played

in the front garden.

I went with them

taking my scissors

so I could survey the damage

to the willow bower and

the weedy daisies.

It is amazing how quickly

the willow leaves wilt

once the bough breaks.

As I cut and re-tied

the boys played doctor

and made long rows of stones.

The men across the road

cheerfully put up scaffolding

where yesterday

a slate, or tile

or something or other


Blew off

And hit a woman.

daisy image

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