Where is the Pigeon?

A woman stands in a quiet river, about to swim.

We all have a different baseline of how we see the world - some of us are Eeyore, some of us are glass half full folk, sometimes our baseline is steady, sometimes it wobbles, or drops out from under us.

What a Cake Might Mean

...for a long time I internalised the importance of being stoic. Thinking of it as a strength. I couldn't metabolize the sentimental. Anything saccharin was too much for me to take, to likely to errode my defences.

The Mending Basket – sew your way to sustainability

sewing machine pin

sewing contains romance, excitement and a hit of the happy you usually need to spend money to get, all while adding feathers to your sustainability crown.

a moment of calm

As evidenced by my lack of blog posts this year life has been rather hectic. It is hectic in all of the best ways - life is brimming with unforgettable happenings.Over Easter there was the wedding of friends to attend - which took us from Edinburgh to London and then across the channel to France - with… Continue reading a moment of calm