What a Cake Might Mean

...for a long time I internalised the importance of being stoic. Thinking of it as a strength. I couldn't metabolize the sentimental. Anything saccharin was too much for me to take, to likely to errode my defences.

This Packing Life

I am about to set out on a trip around the world- and while this will (hopefully) lead to any number of exhilarating experiences, the thing I am looking forward to right now is that when my trip starts I will have finished the exhausting task of packing up my life.I have been packing for… Continue reading This Packing Life

The year of big

With both a tied grand final and federal election 2010 was tagged the year for indecision.It was clear pretty early on that 2011 would be the year of big things. It started (and has continued) with the weather and has very quickly spread out from there. In no particular order the still quite young year of big… Continue reading The year of big