Five Tips from a One Time Group Travel Virgin

On 'that' trip. Scotland 2011 In I my pre-mum, pre-writing about travel with babies life I was often to be found curled up with a good book. On occasion I got myself out of the house and had an adventure or two. If you read until the end of my rather long tale of group travel virgin blog you… Continue reading Five Tips from a One Time Group Travel Virgin

Tale of a Group Travel Virgin

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I wrote a travel story recently about my first experience of group travel. It saw me looking back to a trip that I took ten years ago. Writing it was quite an interesting journey in itself – funny how when you look back patterns reveal themselves. That's one of the reasons I love writing. The… Continue reading Tale of a Group Travel Virgin

Search Keywords

Flamingo kisses in 2011, Lesvos GreeceI have a very good friend who has recently started a blog all about stamps and her love for post, it is called i heart post and I am loving her work, but it has made me realise that I have no idea what my blog is actually about. My flamingo exploring has… Continue reading Search Keywords

Take a Walk

The many layers of a city take a while to explore, and for me one of the best ways to unravel the ins and outs of a city is on foot. Walking the streets of a new city at different times of the day, seeing the light change, seeing the habbits of the people and… Continue reading Take a Walk

The Christmas Letter

In 2011 I left Melbourne, left Nowa Nowa, spent time in 15 different countries and in the process said a lot of Hellos and Goodbyes; after many flights, bus rides, hostel beds, and adventures I am sending my Christmas greetings from wintry Scotland. It was the year of big things, the year of flamingos and… Continue reading The Christmas Letter

Must Do!

 Whistler - BlackcombAs I mentioned in my last Ski blog, learning how to ski was a must do for my trip to Canada, the question was when and where?Like Petra in Jordan and the Pyramids in Egypt, Whistler is a must do when you visit British Columbia. And like all must do tourist sights there… Continue reading Must Do!

Colour me Whistler

This afternoon I arrived at Whistler, BC. The sun is shinning, the sky is blue, the air is crisp, the snow seems plentiful and the village is bustling. As I sit eating my tasty all day breakfast and watching the world go by I grow more and more disappointed.   In myself.All around me there is a… Continue reading Colour me Whistler

Rover Ski Lesson: number one.

Grouse Mountain and I have been eyeing each other off since my first day in Vancouver. The snowy peak, just across the bay, has been watching me run round Vancouver headless chicken style trying to sort out the bureaucratic hurdles in my life. On Thursday I jumped a significant hurdle and although it was by… Continue reading Rover Ski Lesson: number one.

Don’t Worry Mum!

As of tomorrow (27th of November) I will have been travelling about the globe for six months. During that time my Mum has been incredibly restrained in her worry about me, or at least she has been very restrained in expressing her worry for me- to me.I was on a bus near the coast in… Continue reading Don’t Worry Mum!